Angry birds quadratic project version 4 answer key

One of the teachers I work with used Angry Birds as a context for learning about quadratic functions. Whenever they wanted to introduce a new topic, they referred back to the context of Angry Birds so as to give students a representation of quadratics with which the students may be familiar. You could then use this graph to ask a lot of questions, particularly about the shape of the flight path of the bird.

Does this shape look like a line? Why or why not? Have you seen this shape before? What is important about this shape? What do you notice about this shape? Many of these questions would naturally lead into the types of things that might be addressed in a unit on quadratic functions.

What questions do you have after watching this video? Which of those questions are mathematical? What information do you need to answer those questions? Which of the following graphs best fits the data given?

angry birds quadratic project version 4 answer key

What are some problems with this fit to the data? This last video presents some challenges for the students. The video zooms in and out, which means that when students are collecting data, they will need to find a way to account fo the scale differences between the different shots.

angry birds quadratic project version 4 answer key

If I were using this in a class, I might try and reframe the problem in terms of a real life catapultand see if students can transfer what they have learned from studying quadratic functions in the context of Angry Birds to the motion of their catapults, perhaps with some sort of challenge to knock over a popsicle stick tower. Administrator Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.This will take entirely too much time on things unrelated to the standards you are supposed to be teaching.

If this is the version of the project you want to do then partner with a shop class or art class where creating the catapult will meet a standard for that teacher.

Then use the catapult in your class to create the parabolas. Hint: You will want to take slow motion video of the bird flying from the catapult so you can project the curve onto paper or poster board.

Again, have them design the map for their level in art class. Partner with an art teacher.

Angry Birds Algebra Project?

Then when they are complete have them create the flight pattern parabola on the map they created in your class. Make them check with you before they finalize putting it on the coordinate plane. Have them make the entire map and then color it. When they are don't have them use a yard stick to make a line go vertically through the Parabolas Maximum Value.

Then have them make another line go horizontally through the same Maximum Value. Then base all other grid lines of the coordinate plane off these two lines. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. Can I have access to the worksheets aligned to this project? Is there a rubric and a student guide as well as a teacher guide for this project? We can put that together. No problem. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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There are many different versions of the Angry Birds Parabola Project. We have tested them all. Some are fun for the students to do but require way more time on art related activities than the actual math. Some are fully created by hand using actual catapults and sling shots made by the class. My personal favorite is a mix of all these methods.

I use an actual screen cast of the game being played. We project it onto the coordinate plane using Geogebra. Then they analyze the data.

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After that, they work in groups of two and create their own each from a different level after watching me do one. I realize this requires the technology. It gives me the least amount of class time on the project and the best mastery of the content. If you use Google Classroom you can project and share everyone's projects very quickly without printing a thing! When someone has a question you can pull up their project for the whole class to see and teach everyone at the same time.

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I wish my kids had laptops. I like the lesson and even though it's not "real-life applications," it's something they'll be engaged with. I this this is a great lesson. Wonder how it could be done without GeoGebra, since it is a free program my district will not install it on the computers at all and blocks the site entirely.

angry birds quadratic project version 4 answer key

Awesome Idea!!!!! I didn't even think about making the Angry Birds connection I'm sharing this Thanks, great idea!! On my system [code]GeoGebra 3. Screenshots on the iPod touch can be made by pressing the home button and the power button simultaneously. The screen flashes bright and the screen is saved to the pictures folder. Jean: You don't have to install Geogebra - you can run it from the web. You'll have to be able to run Java and say no to block it if it asks about this.

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Nice activity. You are one step ahead of me. Do you know of any other tools or applets that I could use to fit my parabola to the bird's path? Can some help me out? The help file from GeoGebra wont download. How do I input or upload a picture into GeoGebra? This dawned upon me yesterday as I was playing the game on my iphone, and was realizing it was a perfect parabola each time.

Light bulbs definitely went off in my head!!! Then I came to this blog. Hi, Just happened to see these comments. I suppose you all have figured out how to insert an image into Geogebra by now. Addison and others : My district won't let me install either, but you can use geogebra from a web applet as long as you have Java, so you don't need to install. Friday, February 25, Angry Birds Geogebra. Angry Birds is a pretty popular game with the kids nowadays.

My students brought up the game when we started talking about parabolas and I've been working on a way to bring that connection into a class. I created 4 GeoGebra files each with a piece of a different Angry birds shot like so:. Posted by Mr. Sweeney at AM. Labels: AlgebraAlgebra 2geogebraQuadratics.Connect with:.

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies have changed. By logging in, you agree to our updated Terms and Policies. Created on: January 7, Member Rating. More Actions Share Collection. The resource has been added to your collection. Curriki Rating This resource has not yet been reviewed. Take-Home Quiz or In-Class Activity Time required: 30 minutes Materials: Attached graph paper Objectives: Graph quadratic equations to determine if the graph goes through a designated point.

Prerequisites: Graphing quadratic functions by finding points or using the vertex formula. Description: This worksheet challenges the student to answer the question: "Will the bird knock over the pig? Using the graphing templates on the second page, the students must graph 3 quadratic equations to determine if the bird will go through a designated point. Teaching notes: This activity can be used to practice the vertex formula as well as general graphing techniques.

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Students could determine the answer by plugging the location of the pig into the given equation. Download AngryBirdsQuadraticGraphing. Don't have an account?


Join Now. Are you sure you want to logout?I can't give credit to myself for developing the Angry Birds project but I will say that my kids thought I was pretty darn awesome for assigning the project!! Initially, there were groans and whines that they had another project to do, but after each project, I actually had a student inform me that he loved my projects and that he put aside his organic chemistry to do them he is a smarty pants and LOVED writing a children's book.

Before assigning the project, I did give my kids a "real world" warmup problem that I found on the lovely pinterest via teacherspayteachers. This was a great introduction as it allowed for the kids to discuss with me why negative x and y values shouldn't matter in these contexts allowing for points to be deducted in the angry birds projects, mwahaha.

It also got them thinking about other uses of quadratics and how questions could be phrased. So I give you credit Mr. Orryou rocked my socks and you rocked my kids' socks. While the parabolas were not the best, I did thoroughly enjoy this project. Angry Bird Project. Angry Bird Project Rubric. Labels: Algebra 2ProjectsQuadratics. Unknown August 12, at PM. Games Hike August 25, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Username: Password: Register in one easy step!

Reset your password if you forgot it. Quadratics: solvers Quadratics. Answers archive Answers. Lessons Lessons. Word Problems Word. In Depth In. Click here to see ALL problems on Quadratic Equations Question : Have a project with Angry Birds where you have to find the equation of a parabola for the bird's flight path in various situations.

I have to pick a point at the origin and a pint on the x axis for the pig to be placed and find the flight path equation. How would i do this? I chose for points: Bird placed at 0,0 Pig placed at 5,0 I dont understand what to do after this please help.

Found 3 solutions by ankor dixie-net. Have a project with Angry Birds where you have to find the equation of a parabola for the bird's flight path in various situations.

Angry Bird Parabolas: graphing quadratic equations

I have to pick a point at the origin and a point on the x axis for the pig to be placed and find the flight path equation. You can put this solution on YOUR website! Ankor, many thanks for solve this problem. Have stuck with my project assignment. Since this one isn't probably going to make it, maybe you could do this project again with some changes.This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 3.

Found this with a group of teachers. We were so impressed that the lesson plan is thorough and complete.

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There is more than one technology used and taught, and all…. Connect with:. Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies have changed. By logging in, you agree to our updated Terms and Policies.

Created on: June 22, Member Rating. More Actions Share Collection. The resource has been added to your collection. Component Ratings: Technical Completeness: 3 Content Accuracy: 3 Appropriate Pedagogy: 3 Reviewer Comments: In this two-day activity, students begin by identifying quadratic functions for the parabolic paths of the projectile bird in the Angry Birds game.

Student then create a similar type game to share with classmates. A video is included to begin the project as well as links to additional related activities. A rubric is provided for students and the teacher to evaluate the created games. The lessons use the free program Geogebra which needs to be downloaded before beginning.

These activities are well written and can easily be used in a classroom setting. Laura Jim April 8, Very good project! I'll use it with my students! In this project students will graph quadratic functions based on the popular game, Angry Birds, by using equations and a Web-based graphing tool. Students will work in groups to apply the same principles to create their own game that uses quadratic functions.

Students will exchange games with other groups, play the game and assess that game using a set student rating scale. Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade Curriki Rating C 'C' - Curriki rating. Project rubric by Kathleen Duhl. Rubric for Angry Birds Project. Student Rating Chart by Kathleen Duhl. Angry Birds Quadratic Graphing Worksheet. Angry Bird and Pig picture by Kathleen Duhl. Angry Bird and Pig picture, tiff. Angry Birds Parabola by Janet Pinto.

angry birds quadratic project version 4 answer key

Students start by examining the problem — see the relationship between the equation and game design using this YouTube video that illustrates how the parabola factors into the Angry Bird game. Don't have an account? Join Now. Are you sure you want to logout?

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